Practice Management Professional - The Future Of Practice Management - Chartered Accountants

Increase Profits - Decrease Operational Cost

The KoneQt Practice Management System was built with the objective to improve the coefficient of Chartered Accountants' productivity by 10.

It is built on proven methodologies that are directly holding any practice back from growing. With PMA these restriction are irrelevant, setting practices on a path to grow their client base and service delivery.

The system uses a revolutionary database technology that is years ahead of the competition and built a platform for accountants and auditors to effectively manage their practices


KoneQt Practice Management Professional For Accountants, Auditors and Lawyers

Do what you do best. Use the system to manage people, track time and allocate tasks effectively throughout your whole organisation

Advanced secure cloud based practice management software skilfully designed with Chartered Accountants. Experience immediate increase in productivity while reducing cost working on a system that allows modern thought processes in combining employee administration, timesheets, documents storage, billing etc. Spend less time tracking and more time growing your business.


  • Scalable
  • Mobile First
  • Immediate Profit Increase
  • Easy Implementation


Real time reporting dashboard. Know who is busy with what, where and when. Have quick oversight into Time Management, Task Management, Document Control.

Get instant insight into Audit Tasks, Daily Time Reporting.

Fully Audit recording for every action taken in the system. Whether someone views a record, edits or deletes it will ALWAYS be there.


  • Real Time
  • Business Intellegence
  • Event Management


Membership Portal

Mobile portal for all you members. Modify, develop and roll out any number of Mobile apps to suit your needs. Develop an App for donations, and another one for event management.


  • Personalise
  • Customise
  • Scalable
Spend Your Time Your Way

Increase Profits - Decrease Operational Cost

Release of your time to do what you can bill for and not manage the office. Much of your time is lost trying to see and keeping up with daily management as supposed to spending valuable time with your clients.

This solution will assist you to do what you do best. Make a difference in your clients businesses. With as little as a few hours more billed and spent with you clients you can already afford the system.


Easy Document Management

No more need for a servers to store documents on, or use email to try and manage or even use it as a database. With a single screen, you know what is happening, and what needs to happen. With deadlines, the person assigned to and who is ultimately responsible, knows what is required of them.

Quickly get to the right document at the right time, even on mobile.

Time Is Mone

Time Tracking

Track time, record expenses, and accelerate billing. Shows you exactly where time is spent in your practice so you can optimise your business processes

Task Management

Take control by knowing what is happening inside your practice, with easy management functions through task allocation and document storage management

It’s easy to overlook the “little things,” so the Practice Management System keeps track of them for you. That way, you can spend less time tracking and more time growing your business

Productivity Tracking

Know exactly where time is spent in your practice so you can optimise your business processes and reduce cost while increasing profitability.

Have immediate oversight. You are loosing hours and hours of billing time just by not knowing who is working, and are they really working?