KoneQt Node

Software development platform for organizations who really require speed to market delivery of their business ideas and strategic goals and objectives.


KoneQt Node is a next generation software development platform for the 21st century. It is built to reduce time to market, and cost of development greatly.

KoneQt Node is the second tier in the KoneQt family of systems. KoneQt Node allows you to build application in a fraction of the time you would have taken in other systems.

Various products built on top of KoneQt Node - systems like KoneQt PMP, KoneQt People, KoneQt ERP etc. KoneQt Node has been successfully deployed in industries like hospitality, mining, recruitment, insurance, manufacturing, BOM management, practice management, and project management industries. To mention a few.

Scalable Flexible Solution


Born of over 30 years’ experience and lessons learnt delivering highly successful governance and compliance solutions to companies of all sizes across numerous industries ranging from construction through retail and financial services, the Koneqt platform and methodology focuses on efficient capture, validation, monitoring and reporting of the important organisational metrics and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) harnessing existing systems and processes without placing an undue burden on the day to day operations of the business.

The Koneqt platform is able to do this due to a revolutionary approach to software design which allows us to assemble a solution - and processes - perfectly adapted to the individual needs of each individual client using our arsenal of robust and proven “building blocks” - without having to re-invent the wheel or make cumbersome adjustments to a rigid monolithic application.

This unique approach enables Koneqt to deliver value within extremely short timescales, with an unsurpassed cost/benefit ratio. Equally importantly, Koneqt solutions are able to adapt as rapidly as your business evolves and grows.

Build your own IP

Generate value out of your customers from day 1

With KoneQt Node you can also be licensed a vertical for building your own IP. That's right your own IP. KoneQt Node is 100% owned and developed by the KoneQt Team. There are no 3rd party license agreements. This enables the KoneQt team to allow you to build on top of KoneQt Base with KoneQt Node and create your own IP. Not only that - this is one of our specialities. Helping companies build a technology IP.

Open architecture

KoneQt Node does not tie you down to use a specific programming language. Use and code in the language of your choice. Simply access the KoneQt Node API though any programming language of your choice. KoneQt Node provides you with the power of Big Data, Relational Database with Graph dB included. Do you have clients but no development team? No problem, use the KoneQt development team to develop systems for your clients.


The heart of KoneQt Base is a scalable technology that functions with very low bandwidth and processor use. The base technology of KoneQt is for large scale multi country fintech type exchanges. Imagine all that power in your hands.

Lower cost

KoneQt Node taps into all the power and benefits of KoneQt Base. KoneQt Node delivers ease of development at a much lower cost with fewer experienced developers in shorter time. From day one you can experience the difference. KoneQt Node is a RAD platform for today's needs. You can now spend more time focussing on solving your problems, and processes than trying to roll out a new system.

Low bandwidth usage

With KoneQt Node you too can experience the power of sub second response over local internet. That's over normal internet, not even a closed network. Have hundreds and thousands of concurrent connections without having to put up clusters of servers in order to serve your customers, or systems. Advanced programming knowledge is not needed to develop an application or system.

Mobile applications

KoneQt Node allows for multiple concurrent application to link to it. Through KoneQt Node you can deliver an array of applications for your clients in days. Have multi mobile applications each with their own functionality. Want certain users to only have access to one or two reports, no problem → build a mobile application with the dashboards in there. All of this while you don't have to be concerned about high level security around the KoneQt Node system.

Mobile First Thinking

Essential business knowledge and data of the organisation needs to be available to the growing mobile workforce worldwide to ensure productivity for the organisation. Being graphically dispersed is common to enterprises and becoming easier by the day, and provides a major driver for systems to be available on mobile. Job functions have changed drastically over the past decade and managers, executives and project managers are frequently travelling and always on the move. These decision makers must have access to business critical information and the easiest path would be mobile integration. The Koneqt platform brings the whole mobile environment to the enterprise with GPS, mobile device camera, uploading documents.


Koneqt is a mobile first platform that provides an organisation with increased speed, affordability, real time availability of critical business information and systems. Compared to legacy environments (we call them museums for data) the Koneqt platform keeps your data alive and real time. A very light affordable platform that allows organisations to move over faster, and make decisions quicker. Integration is a backbone of the Koneqt platform and it breaks down the silos in organisations allowing an enterprise wide information sharing and workflows. This will open doors for streamlining business processes, reducing cost and increase productivity.

Koneqt Node Rapid Application Development


Koneqt Node delivers ease off development and much lower cost and with less experienced developers. From day one experience the difference.

KoneQt Node is a RAD development platform for current needs. It excels in lower bandwidth areas giving sub second response over normal internet


Reduce cost of programmers by utilising the next breed of Rapid Application Development platforms. Spend more time on planning and business process layout for you and your customers than trying to write and roll out a code. Reduce development costing drastically

Systems that has been built on the Koneqt Node varies from the hospitality, mining, recruitment, insurance, manufacturing, BOM management, practice management, project management industries.

Develop and roll out multiple mobile apps with ease from one KoneQt Node. Give your clients and yourself the ability to have multiple system link to system