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Overview - save thousands of hours

Ai Balance sheet Tool

Use Artificial Intelligence to scan and convert scanned BalanceSheet in minutes.  Simplify the review of submitted balance sheets and save thousands of hours. Try now for free.

A typical balance sheet may consist of 20 to 400 scanned pages.

A typical process requires finding the right pages like Notes, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Profit and Loss takes hours then requiring analysis of the values to decide the credit factor of the customer. This all adds up too many pain staking hours of work per application.

The Balance Sheet Analysis tool greatly reduces a burdensome process and saves time (up to 80%) thus saving large sums of money.

The Balance Sheet Analysis tool gives you a fully auditable digital balance sheet document within minutes.

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What is it?

The Balance Sheet Analysis Tool is an online Software that helps to quickly convert the dirty scanned image PDF files of Balance Sheets into meaningful data.

This tool is not limited to scanned pdf images. Huge pdf's in the plain text format can be converted into meaningful data in no time. Export this into various formats

It uses the mix of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Human Programming logic to give the highest accuracy moreso than any other software available in the market.

Balance Sheet Analysis Tool ensures a highly accurate output in no time.


What does it solve?

Get a 3-7 page Balance Sheet breakdown of a 100 and more pages within minutes.

Large PDF's take long to open up on a computer. Balance Sheet Tool gives you a shortlisted pdf as soon as you upload it with extremely high accuracy in minutes.

Find meaningful values from a Balance Sheet

Once our tool finds the Shortlisted pages, it uses computer vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to extract values from the PDF.

Each value is extracted against the particulars like Trade receivable, Current Assets, and Non-Current assets etc.

Minutes instead of hours

How does it work?

Get meaningful data from the original balance sheet within minutes in 5 easy steps

Nowadays, a bank or auditor executive spends around 4-6 hours a day to just analyse the balance sheet which is 100 pages long.

With Balance Sheet Analysis tool it uses state of the art tested Ai to give an overview of the product


Advanced Artificial Intelligence to save you time and money

  1. Give shortlisted pages for user reviews, resulting in 100% accuracy.
  2. Reduce the time required by more than 90% to analyse the balance sheet.
  3. Categorised the particulars and figures from the scanned pdf balance sheet into Assets, Liabilities, Current Assets, and NonCurrent Assets, etc. giving a clear picture to auditors and bankers for further analysis.
  4. Data can be downloaded in the excel format which is widely accepted by many other systems and it’s the most generalised format accepted by any credit software.
  5. Option to download shortlisted pages in pdf format will help the user to quickly analyse balance sheets even if they are too dirty for software to analyse numbers.
High guaranteed security for all your documents

Use Case: Balance Sheet Analysis With International Corporate Bank

Ai In Banking

Major International Bank is using Balance Sheet to Provide Corporate Loans.

A Balance Sheet was the only document they required initially to process the corporate loans from $1 Million - $100Million plus

From the provided balance sheet the bank extracted information like
1. Assets (Current and NonCurrent)
2. Liabilities
3. Receivables
4. Inventories
5. Cash and Equivalents
6. Operative Profits
7. Net Profits
8. And many other criteria to ensure eligibility and minimise risk


Problem With Balance Sheet Analysis - COSTS

  1. The balance sheet of big corporates signed off by chartered accountants were quite lengthy anything from 30 to 400 pages.
  2. Some of them were scanned images, and could not be copied.
  3. Scanned text too dirty to be deciphered by any software through standard OCR.
  4. Each balance sheet analysis used to take around 4 to 8 hours, to fetch the required information and put that in excel format to be more readable.
  5. This excel data was then submitted to the credit rating software.
  6. For all this processing, the bank had in-house staff which was proving to be costly for management.

Previous Work Around By Management (OutSourcing)

  1. This work around is implemented by Many Banks.
  2. Management created a software which has GUI and access login for Vendor.
  3. Vendor used to enter the Balance Sheet information into the UI and then submit the information back to Bank in a more readable format
  4. This has saved the cost to some extent over permanent staff but the time has increased and quality has reduced to some extent.
  5. This requires verification by banking staff.

Perfect Solution - Ai | ML | NLP With Human Logic

Balance Sheet Analysis tool helped the bank to reduce cost, and save human interaction time by at least 80%

First interactions with client now gets digitised and is auditable.

Balance Sheet Analysis time reduced from 4 hours to 15 Minutes.

Cost reduced by 80% with fewer staff requirements to review the files.

Manual efforts reduce by 95%, most of the processing of Balance Sheet Analysis is done by AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Problem yet to be sorted out:

  1. On an average 80% PDF (scan and text) are processed correctly.
  2. AI model is still improving with every new PDF of Balance Sheet Accuracy is 95% , improvements are done to improve the accuracy and reduce review time required.
  3. Improve the AI Model to improve text extraction.