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KoneQt ERP | Cloud Based Enterprise Resource Planning

We could bore you with how better our system is now that it is on a new operating system release of company XYZ, and how finally you have some sort of mobile integration (that is cheaper to maintain) and that it is finally easier (to some extent) to access the system from everywhere. ERP systems have more than complicated the installation, upgrade and modification path of businesses for far too long. Systems that promise you this and that, BUT adding a huge amount of extra work and admin. In today's world choosing an ERP system is like having to choose the lesser evil to deploy into your organisation. It is slow painful process to comply to your new master.


A simple ERP roll-out can cost a huge amount financially and unfortunately never live up to the expectation. Upgrade paths are painful, timeous and costly. Integration with current workflow and legacy systems is nothing less than extremely painful if it is at all possible.

Koneqt is not that. Koneqt does not force you to work according to any new methodology but follow your thinking and business processes exactly. Rather than adding to your current pain and problems we subtract. Koneqt is a real time engine and can interact directly with your current workflow, legacy systems across the whole organisation and customer base. And that is only the start.

Why move to Koneqt?

Minimise the risk associated with new development projects. Maximise the value of your legacy systems and procedures.


Out of the box Koneqt is a mobile first online/offline design, working on very low bandwidth, interacts as standard with Internet of Things, and ALL of this in real time. Koneqt follows a top down approach, we tackle the actual problems you face. We do not add to your workflow but make it less. Complete compliance auditing and governance is now possible across any type of technological border you can imagine.


Koneqt gives you the ability to design user screens without effort, roll out different apps, forms and reports without the need of any other technology or huge financial outlay. Implement new workflows based on your design speedily. Your only consideration becomes what you want and not a financial or time constraint issue.


In today's world most companies are required to move fast. With older IT systems and thinking your systems usually cannot make changes without massive amount of investment of time and money. You do not need extra systems in order to print reports or pull information out of Koneqt. It is a simple process to get REAL TIME information about what is going on in any part of your organisation.


View data and reports on all connected organisations in your enteprise in real time. Your team can now make decisions on the actual facts and figures. It is no good picking up a problem after the fact as Dyncan Watt said “everything is obvious: once you know the answer”. With a real time system your information is not going through a batch process where you have to wait for it. As soon as it is entered you have it available to you - over your whole enterprise.


In today's changing environment you want a system that can adapt quickly to your situation and what is expected of your organisation in different countries. Roll out of new compliance regulations corporate wide is now not after the fact but quick efficient and low cost. Comply to various regulators in different countries easily by adapting Koneqt to your needs. No need for expensive programming and huge amount of consultants to get a simple job done. You need a system that allows you to deploy new compliance workflows almost overnight. Your only concern should be the planning behind the actual compliance issues you are addressing not hundreds of meetings before a first draft gets rolled out.

Single Platform - One Version - The Truth


The Koneqt platform minimises the risk associated with new development projects. Maximise the value that you have in your legacy system and don’t loose valuable time and effort put into it. Koneqt integrates easily with other systems. It does not simply integrate Koneqt is built with an Quality Assurance engine and will check your data coming from a legacy system in real time. Real time business intelligence from your current data and a low cost compared to other standard systems.


One Platform To Connect Them All - One Version Of The Truth