KoneQt ERP

Cloud Based Enterprise Resource Planning

One Version Of The Truth

Streamlined Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed specifically for service-based businesses

Our ERP platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing your billing, service deployments, and agreements. The platform includes robust contract management capabilities and integrates with PMA, a powerful tool for customer relationship management, team management, and time management. With our ERP solution, you can streamline your billing process, keep track of service deployments and agreements, and manage your contracts all in one place. The platform's intuitive interface and real-time reporting capabilities provide a seamless and efficient solution for managing your service-based business, helping you to deliver exceptional results for your clients.

Service Deployment Management

Streamlines the deployment process by providing efficient scheduling, real-time tracking, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.
  1. Efficient Scheduling: Schedule and deploy services in an organized and efficient manner, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

  2. Real-Time Tracking: Track service deployments in real-time, providing transparency and ensuring that deadlines are met.

  3. Comprehensive Reporting: Access detailed reporting on service deployments, allowing you to monitor progress and make informed decisions.


Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management in our ERP solution streamlines communication and enhances customer satisfaction by providing a centralized platform for tracking and managing interactions with clients.
  1. Centralized Platform: Manage interactions with clients in one centralized platform, reducing the risk of miscommunication and improving efficiency.

  2. Interaction Tracking: Track all interactions with clients, including calls, emails, and meetings, providing a complete history of interactions.

  3. Customer Satisfaction: Enhance customer satisfaction by providing quick and efficient responses to client inquiries and requests, improving the overall customer experience.

Recruitment Applicant Tracking

Sales and Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management in our ERP solution streamlines the process of identifying, tracking and converting sales opportunities into actual business, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.
  1. Opportunity Tracking: Track sales opportunities from initial identification to conversion, ensuring a consistent and efficient process.

  2. Lead Management: Manage leads, including qualification and nurturing, to increase the chances of conversion.

  3. Pipeline Management: Monitor the sales pipeline in real-time, providing insight into progress and helping to prioritize opportunities.


Single Platform - One Version - The Truth


The Koneqt platform minimises the risk associated with new development projects. Maximise the value that you have in your legacy system and don’t loose valuable time and effort put into it. Koneqt integrates easily with other systems. It does not simply integrate Koneqt is built with an Quality Assurance engine and will check your data coming from a legacy system in real time. Real time business intelligence from your current data and a low cost compared to other standard systems.


Online Portal & Payment Gateway Integration

Our ERP solution includes an online sales and payment portal for clients, providing a convenient and secure platform for conducting business transactions and improving the overall customer experience.
  1. Convenient Transactions: Conduct business transactions online, reducing the time and effort required to process payments.

  2. Secure Payments: Ensure secure payments through the use of encrypted transactions, reducing the risk of fraud and financial loss.

  3. Real-time Tracking: Monitor transactions in real-time, providing immediate insight into sales activity and ensuring accurate accounting and reporting.


5 Reasons Why

  • Improved efficiency and productivity through automation and centralization of processes.
  • Better visibility and control over service delivery operations.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through timely and effective service delivery.
  • Streamlined contract management and compliance.
  • Data-driven decision making through real-time reporting and analytics.