About the company.

What We Do


Koneqt is a revolutionary cloud-based software platform that allows you to build innovative solutions perfectly tailored to meet the requirements of enterprises, governments, and organisations by circumventing the structural limitations of silo-based legacy systems.

We assist corporates through our knowledge and infrastructure to develop their own IP and assets instead of having a steady outflow of cash for a software system. Contact us for more information.


Koneqt is not another software company providing cloud based software products. The Koneqt Infrastructure is a world first in technology, speed and cost. Build any type of system on top of the Koneqt Platform. The Koneqt Platform sits on top of the Koneqt infrastructure. Build large scale exchange environments that span multiple countries and sectors on top of the Koneqt infrastructure. Use the Koneqt Platform to develop your own white label products.

Who We Are

Koneqt is headed up by two seasoned entrepreneurs with a long track record of successful delivery of business­ led technology projects across numerous sectors.

Natie Rautenbach CEO, Co-Founder

With business acumen, multi sector and industry experience as well as an astute sense of networking, Natie is positioned to assist governments and organisations with their turnkey technology solutions internationally with a particular focus on Africa.

Alex Mattelaer CTO, Co-Founder

Alex is a process and technology expert, passionate about the design and implementation of effective state of the art business processes and web based software in complex corporate environments. His previous successful software business based in the City of London was sold to a NASDAQ listed US insurance software provider in 2012.

Stephan Hatting Vice President Africa Accounts

Stephan is a member of the Institute of Directors and various accounting bodies. He has an ability to run multiple sized projects while simplifying the processes

Lourie Holl Marketing and Business Development

Developing and implementing strategies for new products and services. Corporate communication

Jacky Mattelaer Admin Manager

Over 15 years’ experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors.