Cloud Based Remote Recruitment Solution

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Remote workforce recruitment

With the 2020 Covid epidemic we are faced with the new normal. Clients, contacts, companies, and candidates are communicating and interacting in many different ways. Gone are the days where you travel for hours to your work and back per week.

How do we tackle corporate recruitment in an effective scalable way? A nimble solution for recruitment is required to allow for full scale remote office, admin and recruitment while maintaining contact with everyone. A high availability and secure cloud based system. Security on cloud based systems, where you can control the data and give full access to each individual who has data with you. They decide what they want to share, and take off or even add. With hacking going rife all over the world you don’t want to be the one spilling a lot of information about people.

Not only do you need to focus in experience of your potential employees but also on the people working with you. With a cloud based recruitment system designed from the ground up to excel a remote workforce you now have access to potential personnel from all over the world. Suddenly you can employ people from all over the world, get the best of the best. Potentially at a much lower cost. Or you can simply let some people work half day, or x amount of hours per week. This all sounds great but how do you track it. As a manager, business owner or department head how do you know who did what when people are not under your nose.

Introducing Koneqt’s Cloud Based Remote Recruitment Solution. Born of the best of breed Applicant Tracking System, Remote Management , Project Management, Audit, Business Process Automation platform inside Koneqt. Run thousands of surveys, a job board, simplify internal communication, access portals to various role players. This cloud based recruitment system offers it all. Koneqt is built around Governance, Compliance, Auditing and Risk. Your data and each move over every single part is recorded in the audit engine. You can see in an instant who did what and when. It has not been this easy to integrate the gig economy methodology into your current workflow.

Relevant reporting screens will assist with who is doing what when and where. Keep abreast with current workflows in your company. Employ full time, gig economy or just plain commission personnel all over the world easily.

This is truly the new normal. Contact us today for an introduction and demo on the Koneqt Cloud Based Recruitment Platform