Use Ai to reduce Technical Debt

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ai to reduce technical debt

As businesses increasingly rely on technology to drive growth, the accumulation of technical debt has become a major challenge for software development teams. Technical debt refers to the costs that arise from taking shortcuts in the development process, such as writing unoptimized or poorly structured code, which can lead to bugs, crashes, and other issues down the line. However, AI … Read More

10 point plan on how to upgrade an old education system to Ed-Tech

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team management

Are you tired of relying on outdated, paper-based systems in your education department? It’s time to upgrade to a modern, technology-driven approach! By implementing a comprehensive tech plan, you can improve the learning experience for your students and teachers, increase efficiency and productivity, and prepare your students for success in a rapidly changing world. Our team has developed a 10-point … Read More

Machine Learning in the Educational sector for governments

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Are you looking to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of education delivery in your country? Do you want to improve student performance and the overall education experience? If so, machine learning may be the solution you’ve been looking for. With machine learning, you can personalize learning for individual students, tailoring content and assignments to their needs and abilities. This can … Read More