Cloud Based Membership Management Software

Koneqt’s LivingLifeApp’ is built on top of the Koneqt Platform allowing for virtually endless scalability. Start of with a basic Membership application and develop other parts into your system.

Koneqt’s LivingLifeApp’ is the perfect end to end solution for any business in the NGO/Event Management arena. Manage events of any kind, or rents out equipment, or has to manage a number of meeting rooms, hotel rooms or venues. Run a support campaign, create multiple mobile apps for all your donors all in real time whether you have a 1,000 or 1,000,000 and more members. Now you can give all your members access to their own mobile and desktop application and not just the users in your offices.



LivingLifeApp is built for small and large organisation requirements. Whether you have one office or thousands across the globe LivingLifeApp will be able to handle all of those connections concurrently in real time. It is a light application and will work fast even in low bandwidth environments like most parts of Africa.


  • Scalable
  • Mobile First
  • Easy Development


Real time mobile dashboards – graphs or KPI’s such as % of resources in use, total takings for a day, most profitable and used products / venues / rooms /events – allow your managers to have their finger on the pulse at all times, and react to anomalies before they become an issue.


  • Real Time
  • Business Intellegence
  • Event Management


Membership Portal

Mobile portal for all you members. Modify, develop and roll out any number of Mobile apps to suit your needs. Develop an App for donations, and another one for event management.


  • Personalise
  • Customise
  • Scalable
For thousands to millions of members

Multi Level Website

Run your whole NGO from one place. Multiple organisations or branches connected to the Koneqt platform can post directly from the App. Develop your own HTML5 websites and simply call the information from the Koneqt backend.


Follow The Money

Governance is an important part of a NGO and how the funds are spent, this require signatures from several different individuals who are not employed by the church, but are custodians of the funds, to get these people to authorise expenses is difficult and timeously, they needed a platform that can handle these type of authorisations and keeping all major stakeholders informed.

Develop intricate workflows and automation to make sure you comply to standards required. The Koneqt Platform allows for much customization.

Easily customisable

Omni Channel

Part of the omni-channel experience is to be able to connect all their members, from their network of NGO’s, to one platform, effectively communicating with their members through member portals, campaigns, sms, email, event management and funding.

Keeping members engaged and encouraged to be involved. Send a welcome message to their members when they attend an event and give them a logbook of the event/sermons they attended during the year, let the member set goals, like a scorecard, motivating them through awareness.