The Koneqt Hospitality Suite provides a modern, mobile first, cloud based operational and management solution for businesses in the hospitality sector – ranging from single restaurants to groups of restaurants as well as clubs / associations with membership management – all built over the well established Koneqt platform for robustness and scalability.

It is an extremely flexible and scalable cloud based solution allowing for the linking up of multiple companies, and multimillion connections real time.

The Koneqt Hospitality and Membership platform is the only solution in its price class allowing for realtime concurrent multiple stores to be connected to one cloud based system. This allows for easy management of all the users.


Point Of Sale

Sophisticated and flexible ePOS front end, fully compatible with all devices that can run a modern web browser, regardless of operating system (eg smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, any touch screen) thereby keeping hardware costs to a minimum and making it easier for businesses to reuse existing equipment when switching to Koneqt.


  • Clean Easy Access
  • Mobile Portals
  • User KPI’s


Fully customisable table maps with colour coding by table status (eg green = free table, yellow = order taken, orange = food served, red = check requested etc)


  • Change To Needs
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Multiple Sations


Ticket Based View

Alternative “order queue” ticket based view suitable for take-away environments or kitchen displays (will take advantage of large screens to display many more tickets and/or fully scrollable to cater for any number of open orders )

PIN or NFC token based customisable access control to any part of the system – in this case users must log in when tapping on a ticket to edit it:


  • RFID, NFC Ready
  • Cloud Based
  • Flexible
Membership Tracking, CRM, Campaign And ePOS all in one

Order Section

Order detail screen – fully customisable menu with unlimited number of menu pages and a “drag and drop” visual menu editor

All standard ePOS features supported, eg open food/drink items, open cash drawers, add notes, split bills etc – if membership management features are activated the ticket can also be allocated to a particular member (manually or using NFC token) either to go on their tab, or for inclusion in a “loyalty scheme”.
Quick and easy discount/service/payment + cash tendered options supporting split bills, multiple payment methods, vouchers etc.


Membership Management

Door access managed by magnetic swipe cards and/or NFC tokens which can also be used when ordering food / drinks
Photo ID linked to access control system and also large screen access log
Guest management – enforce policies on maximum number of guests allowed per
member, capture guest details for security / marketing purposes and how often guests are allowed to visit before having to apply for membership
Large screen access log – permanently visible behind bar to allow staff to greet members by name and/or wish them a happy birthday plus offer a complimentary drink and/or hand out any “goodies” they are due to receive, plus record any guests they are bringing in, or notify the back office directly about a change of email, telephone etc

ePOS | Management

Cloud Based Hospitality Membership Software – Managemement

Full remote access for management to all aspects of the system
● Realtime SMS / push message notifications to management of significant events (eg
takings at key points during a day, notification if number of covers exceeds X or has not
reached Y)
● Automated daily / weekly reports of statistics and/or actions required – eg weekly takings
broken down by day, members lapsing soon, or having birthdays this week
● Consolidated KPI’s and statistics across all establishments in a group
● BI – Progress reporting against budget and vs previous year

The Koneqt Hospitality suite is truly a cloud based hospitality membership software solution for mass rollout to multiple companies on large scale.


Data is captured at an extremely fine grained, timestamped level allowing in depth analysis of business activity and trends eg an hour by hour view:

Governance | Risk | Compliance | Audit