Advanced Cloud Based Contact Relationship Management


Koneqt CRM is a cloud based fully customisable enterprise-ready CRM.

From the group up Koneqt was designed for a remote workforce in fast and low bandwidth areas.

The CRM It is built on top of the Koneqt Platform which as an enterprise-ready solution which includes Quality Assurance, Compliance, Auditing, GRC and Workflow as standard. Most CRM gives you basic functionality with a very low level workflow platform. This is not the case with Koneqt CRM. It is an extremely flexible platform, which means you can have your whole sales cycle in one single application. If you have any legacy systems or manual workflows we can assist in either integrating or replacing them into the Koneqt platform.


Think Remote Workforce

Koneqt CRM enables your organization to automate and organise the process of building long-term customer relationships and delivers consistent, world-class services while driving down the total cost of ownership through greater productivity and reduced costs. Use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) , Sales Force Automation (SFA), Business Intelligence (BI) and various other Business Process Optimization (BPO) to implement Koneqt CRM into your business, the way you want it. Koneqt CRM lets you change the platform to suit your needs, not change your processes to fit into the software.


Mobile Cross Platform Apps
Koneqt CRM allows you to easily give your employees their own customised apps per department. Our admin and frontend pages are built on the HTML Bootstrap platform. Design your own admin backend with ease, connect it to the Koneqt CRM and have a new app. You can build many different apps, one for each department and you can even give your whole client base an app. Do case tracking, product and project updates in real time to millions of customers in real time.

Mobile First

Mobile technology is no longer a “nice to have” or avoidable platform in today’s business climate. Tablets and smartphones are now widely used and most users expect access to the corporate infrastructure. Essential business knowledge and data of the organisation needs to be available to the growing mobile sales workforce worldwide to ensure productivity for the organisation.

Integrated Corporate Website:

The Koneqt Platform allows the CRM to integrate directly with our CMS product. This means that if you have a customer on the Koneqt CRM and they visit your website which is built on top of the Koneqt Platform, the website would change in real time according to who visits the site. This becomes extremely powerful when you start combining your sales cycle, product listings and past experience per client. Your website is now alive and reacts in real time to your customers. It is like having your own personal website type app.

Whether you have a 100, 1,000 or a 1,000,000 clients needing to access the website the Koneqt platform is able to handle that in real time.


Create simple to complex audit management workflows with ease. Through ease of use complex audit processes are streamlined helping your team’s productivity. Your team will be able to be more efficient in the following areas: document results, findings and issues, attach supporting evidence, sign off and notify, create and assign review notes. Create, view and export reports. Automate your entire audit lifecycle to best practices, from pre-audit check to audit management, scheduling etc.



Promote collaboration through integrated results management workflows. Provide easy hand-in-hand collaboration between management and sales team. Easily share leads, opportunities and any other information.

Koneqt’s integrated tracking system and workflow engine can be fully automated to suit the specific needs of your business, to include the full sales lifecycle. You can generate reports as needed, thereby bypassing time consuming paper based processes.

Audit Platform

Because the Koneqt Platform has a full blown Auditing system included you have full overview of every single change that has been made on your system. You can even do Corporate Grade Quality Assurance on data imported as standard.


  • Full Insights
  • Integrated Dashboards
  • Immediate Oversight for Remote Users

Extend your CRM into multiple horizontals - ERP, Supply Chain etc

Remote First Methodology Hire Anywhere - Save Rental Costs

Extend your CRM (GMT)


Most CRM’s give you basic functionality with a very low level workflow platform. A normal CRM will help with your Sales Cycle. But what about Team collaboration, workflows, document management, website publishing, project management and the like?

Koneqt CRM with GMT gives you that solution. It is an extremely flexible platform, which means you can have your action-dashboards, sales cycle, KPI overview, workflows, management, projects and documents in one single application. Convert manual workflows, integrate paper flow, build and design your own mobile apps, give all your clients a portal - these are just a few things you can do easily.


Basic for CRM, contact and sales management. Integrate legacy systems into your CRM.

  • Cloud Based
  • Real Time Dashboards
  • Extendable


Koneqt CRM & GMT It is an enterprise-ready solution which includes CRM, Quality Assurance, Compliance, Auditing, GRC and Workflow as standard.

  • Governance
  • Audit
  • Compliance


Link millions of IoT devices straight into your CRM + GMT system and provide real time BI reporting

  • Real Time
  • Internet Of Things
  • Reporting